Balancing motherhood and work is a science that in my mind never is perfected, but always a work in progress. It requires a different frame of mind and the acceptance that you might make some mistakes along the way. First and foremost, give yourself the benefit of the doubt. This is a constant period of trial and error—and the basis for tip number one. Stay positive, you are not alone. These can be trying times and like anything new, it takes time to get used to balancing work and home life. Do realize, however, that even when it seems like things are at their most overwhelming,Read More →


Working from home is now a reality for more than 26 million people. It can be part-time or full-time, for an employer or as an entrepreneur. Generally, working from home is seen as one of the choice benefits that companies can bestow on employees, or as one of the perks of being self-employed. How do you envision the typical day of working from home? Freed from a daily commute, do you perceive it as a leisurely day, complete with jammies and bunny slippers? Or maybe you think it entails flexibility to set whatever hours you want to in order to accommodate your loved ones’ schedulesRead More →


I know – the title of this post is a loaded question. The feminist in me scoffs at it and asks, “And why not? Men have been doing it without problems or questions for centuries. So now, in 2011, isn’t it about time that women would be able to do it, too?” And then there is the realist in me. The working woman who added “mommy” to her titles through adoption nearly five years ago when that sweet, scared, 16-month-old girl was placed in my arms. Who accepted a position with a statewide organization to be able to work part-time hours to be able toRead More →


Do you dream of being able to work from home? Do you wish some days you could roll out of bed and immediately start accomplishing your tasks for the day, without having to make the dreaded commute to the office? More and more companies are implementing flexible work options into their workplaces because of the demand for it. Working virtually, telecommuting or creating a flexible schedule is important to a lot of career professionals – in fact, 51 percent of working adults (18-44) plan to look for a new job within the next three years with an employer that offers these options, a survey by MomCorps revealed.Read More →