The third installment of our Women Powering Technology series features Pam Stenson, President of the CIO Executive Council. She is charged with growing a community of the senior-most IT leaders across the world for the purpose of harnessing their thought leadership to evolve the IT profession. Pam manages the Council team to ensure world-class service delivery, sets the strategic direction of the organization, and works intimately with the Council’s member leadership and board of advisors. Pam has over 20 years experience in IT and has been a valuable part of the Council team since February of 2007. Since being named the general manager in February of 2009,Read More →


Could banning one word today really affect the leadership of tomorrow? According to Facebook chief operating officer and author of best-selling book “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg, the answer is yes. Ban Bossy, which now has its own online petition and boasts the endorsement of high profile women like Beyoncé and Condoleezza Rice, has taken shape to encourage young girls and working female professionals alike—whether on the playground or in the office place—to change the conversation by changing the connotation of one word: bossy. Joining Forces to Ban Bossy Here, the New England Patriots’ cheerleaders encourage fans and followers of their Facebook page to join them as theyRead More →


The New York Times recently asked readers to share advice for young women in the workplace. More than 500 responses followed, with insights ranging from how to be a leader and taking risks to negotiating salary and finding mentors.  Some highlights: Strive to be the person that people count on. Don’t just sit at the table; talk at the table! Make it a point to contribute at least once in every meeting you attend. To stand out and excel, especially as a woman in the business world, you need to lead. Keep track of your accomplishments. Don’t brush them off; write them down and addRead More →


Imagine a business luncheon, with men and women professionals mingling about. One woman is at the table chatting with a hiring director about their shared love of traveling; another man is in the corner talking with the president of an IT company about his skill set and experience. Both of these professionals are looking for new jobs, but which method of networking is more efficient? According to a recent North Carolina State study of 12,000 employees nationwide, men were often recruited into a new job through their social contacts without having to look for a job, while women were no more likely to find aRead More →


We all have bad habits we need to break—especially in the workplace. Some of us procrastinate; others show up late to work. You might be reading this and thinking about some of the really annoying traits of your fellow coworkers, but the truth is, you’re probably guilty of some bad habits, too. Whatever the case, it’s time to break those bad habits—because whether you believe it or not, they’re most likely effecting your work, the relationships you have with your colleagues and even your ability to get promoted and ahead in your organization as a woman leader. 10 Bad Workplace Personas Does one of theseRead More →


Navigating office relationships can be tricky, particularly for those in leadership positions. From strictly professional to more personal, how leaders interact with their employees, can set the tone for the entire office. Therefore, striking the right balance is critical to achieving a cohesive and trusting workplace. According to Randstad’s most recent gender engagement study, 84 percent of women agree that their relationship with their direct supervisor has a big impact on how happy they are with their job. While oversharing can diminish one’s authority, not sharing enough can make managers seem disinterested and closed-off. An HBR magazine article, Be Yourself, but Carefully, explores the currentRead More →


Female role models are important because they’re inspiring – to so many people and for so many reasons. When you think about the people who inspire you, you probably think first about what makes them inspiring, not what gender they are, how old they are or what they look like. Just like their male counterparts, female role models – which by definition, regardless of gender, refer to those who are exemplary with behaviors worthy of being emulated – have shaped history and changed lives. Enter into our Inspiring Women Contest and tell us about the most inspiring woman in your life. Female Firsts It is particularly importantRead More →


Job-related responsibilities are, for the most part, easily defined. You and your coworkers are assigned specific duties based on your individual strengths and work cohesively to achieve success. When it comes to responsibilities at home, however, the standard is shifting in these modern times. Traditional gender roles used to place most of the domestic responsibilities—child rearing, cooking and cleaning—on the woman. Sixty years ago, when many women did not work outside the home, this domestic arrangement was feasible. Fast forward to 2013, the vast majority of U.S. women are now working full-time. In fact, a recent New York Times article noted that four in 10Read More →


The Millennial generation is taking the workforce by storm. Born between 1982 and 1993, there are more than 80 million millennials — making them the largest generation. By the year 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the global workforce, and they are sure to bring with them substantial changes. So how do employers effectively manage this new crop of women workers who are tech-savvy, confident and expressive? They Grew Up with Tech and Know How to Use It Millennials grew up learning about emerging technologies. They know the ins and outs of the latest social media platforms and naturally adapt to new trends. NotRead More →