Everybody wants to be the boss, right? Wrong. An executive’s role is not right for everyone, and guess what? That’s okay. If “boss” isn’t in your desired career path, don’t fret — a boss’ life is not always an easy one. Here are some downsides to being “the boss”: You may need to be the bad guy Making unpopular decisions, giving critical feedback, telling people no, and even firingpeople is all part of the job when you’re the boss. This “boss” role requires a certain personality type, one that allows you to make and enforce tough decisions and deal with negative repercussions. You may get the blameRead More →

office politics

Whenever you get a group of people together there’s going to be chemistry, or lack thereof. Dynamics between individuals are made up of one’s personality, culture, upbringing – everything that makes you, you. The workplace is no exception. People have their own ideas, their own way of doing things, and in order to make it the best work environment it can be, learning to navigate the politics of the office is not only a lifelong skill that’s fundamental to a long-term career, it’s necessary for your own sanity. Let alone being good at what your job actually is, you also need to master the office,Read More →