Being an asset in any part of one’s life is to truly enjoy what you do, love who you’re around, and ultimately be who you want to be. To be indispensable in the workplace means to go beyond what’s required and simply love doing it, because if you don’t, someone else will. Think this doesn’t make a difference? Think again. Anyone can do what’s asked of them. But, in order to add real value, you have to genuinely have a passion for what you do, because if you do, the extra effort that you give will be effortless. It’s just something you are accustomed toRead More →


While receiving multiple job offers may seem like the opposite of a problem, especially to those individuals who have yet to receive one job offer, it can actually be a big dilemma when people don’t know how to handle the situation. The last thing you want to do as a possible employee is burn bridges because not only is it unprofessional, but also it could hurt your chances with other companies in the future. It may sound cliché, but people do talk and you don’t want your reputation to be stained. So how do you deal with receiving multiple job offers? Here are a few ways: FigureRead More →