Throughout our lives, we all receive quite a bit of advice, particularly when it comes to our careers. “Have a firm handshake,” “do what you love,” and “attend college” are among things people say to others when it comes to their careers. For me, the best advice I’ve ever received was “intern early and often.” In the past, internships were thought to be only for high school or college students looking to learn about a particular industry or field. Today, however, internships are a vital source of entry-level experience, a way to change careers, and a necessary foot-in-the-door at most organizations. I was an intern fiveRead More →

succeed in business

If you are thinking about starting a business and have already started doing your research, you’ve probably read about the necessary characteristics that one must have in order to be successful as a business owner. But did you know you also needed a ‘winning mindset’? There is nothing more defeating than a non-conducive mindset, as it can sabotage your efforts on the physical level. The way entrepreneurs view the world and their own future is critical to their success. Faith and support An entrepreneurial lifestyle, especially for the first few years or until you have some financial comfort, is laden with sacrifices of all kinds. Cutting downRead More →